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Fans of shit - Paula, Liza (2017 | FullHD)

Diarrhea Swallow Domination - Top Girl Caroline Zimerman - Carolina Zimerman , Izabella (2017 | FullHD)

Top Girl Carolina Zimerman & slave Izabella. This is the first movie from Diarrhea swallow domination series. Don?t miss this fantastic movie. MF & SG VIDEO 2012. Carolina gag her slave with tape & socks, then make her to lick her feet and her ass. Then sit on her face and release liquid diarrhea direct to her mouth and put her feet to her mo
Eat My Whole Scat Bitch - Klara Klein, Roxana (2017 | FullHD)

I Need Feets And Scat My Psychiater By New Dominatrix Eriquinha And Slave Kitty - Kitty (2017 | FullHD)

Kitty going to a psychiatrist, because she loves a woman feets too much. When she see a feets, she wants to lick that, eat the toes, and she has a same problem with the asses... E. the psychiatrist listens her problems, but she doesn't care about it, she wants to play with her patient. The therapy turn fast into a lesbian game, Kitty can lick E.s feets and toes, and her ass as long as she wants. She gets even more, the psychiatrist peeing and shitting into her mouth, then paint out Kittys all face with the scat, smothering with that, and orders her to lick her feets, what is full of scat. All of two gets what they want, this is the best therapy what You will see!
Lesbian Scat Swallow Young Girls - Xtra Big Scat By Melania And Cashmere White - Melania, Cashmere White (2017 | FullHD)

Melania and Cashmere White are real sexy young Scatbabes. In this movie Cashmere White and Melania have a real sexy lesbian time and after Melania pee and shit direct into mouth of Cashmere White. Real BIG Scat enter direct into her mouth and she need to swallow too! One perfect scat scene with 2 perfect lesbian scat girls!!
Milk Shake Diarrhea Real Drink - Bruna Ressien (2017 | FullHD)

New Diarrhea real swallow movie with new Domina Top Girl Bruna Ressien. Real shit direct into mouth! The Domina shit direct into slaves mouth, after take the whole shit and make a special milk shake diarrhea from it. The slave have to DRINK and SWALLOW REAL all of the shake!!! Fantastic new movie with perfect story - shit and perfect girls!!
Panty Scat Girls Melania - Melania (2017 | FullHD)

Super top european young model melania shit and pee in her pantys and like after to play with her panty full of warm shit and pee...She like to dress of and back her panty full of shit. Movie avalible in full hd 1080p hq
Scat Erotic Training - Amanda Blue, Sarah Millers (2017 | FullHD)

Lesbian scat movie with two brandnew girls. Amanda Blue 18 years old and Sarah Miller in the first movie they ever made. Amanda Blue loves to give a big pee and shit into other girls mouth. She told us before the movie, that she is very exited to do that. Sarah was a bit complicated and was not sure if she really wants to try a scat into mouth movie. She was sceptic until the last minute. But then all shit gone direct from Amanda Blue in her wide open mouth, fantastic to see that. I really loved to see amanda in this new movie, hope we will do a lot of more shootings with this young crazy girl.
Scat Smother - I Shit In Your Mouth Bitch - By Diana Sky - Diana sky, Slave patricia (2017 | FullHD)

New movie from our super top domina diana sky and slave patricia big blue eyes! diana is angry for her fucking slave patricia and snother, slap, pee, spit and shit in her big mouth!! very good movie in 1080p full hd
Beautiful Girl Eats Shit - Lady Shit (2017 | FullHD)

Scat Madame - Real Swallow By Samantha Perez - Samantha Perez (2017 | FullHD)

Sexy dominatrix shows to the slave her brand new outfit. The slave loves her high heels very much, but the domina gets really angry, when she touch that. Domina Samantha punishing the slave with a long ass and pussy licking, and when the time is arrive, she shitting directly into the slave's mouth. When she finish with that, she smothering the slave with her perfect hands, while she has to keep all the scat in her mouth. The slave is gagging so hard, but the domina not let her to take out the shit from her mouth. Samantha push all the scat deeper and deeper into slave's troath with her sexy high heels, and with her perfect barefeets also. The slave gets totally humiliated, next time she will think twice to touch the madam's stuff.
Scat Top Model's Elegant Domination No. 2 - Jade, Nikki (2017 | FullHD)

Two super hotties specially selected for volume 2 Scat supermodels elegant, and the first film of Jade, and she convinces her friend to receive its purest kaviar inside the mouth, Nikki never imagined receiving scat in the mouth but the friend offers you a little money, but Nikki accepts almost vomit .. so disgusted after the Jade takes advantage of the situation and do not miss humiliates Nikki MF SG & vIDEO video 2017!
Scat Top Models New Girl Donatella Avantador And Niki - Donatella, Niki (2017 | FullHD)

Take my scat and be my dog little Top Model Bitch!! This is the slogan of this new fantastic scat direct into mouth movie. Starring by new top girl Donatella Avantador and extreme domina Niki. Niki bring donatella in the world of scat for her first time. She dominate her first in a realy sexy way. Real sexy domination and best quality shit direct into the mouth make this movie perfect. Donatella takes all the scat without complains direct in her wide open mouth. After its a bit difficult for her but she managed it beautiful. Its a pleasure to see how sweet she smile with her beautiful young face when all the scat is in her mouth. Niki realy enjoyed her too, she love young stupid girls.
Young Scat Girls No.1 - Fresh Scat From 18 Years Old Scat Girls - SG-Video (2017 | FullHD)

This is our new series Young Scat Girls, just the finest Scat from real 18 max 19 years old scat girls. Check this movie with real beautiful girls and good fresh scat. The slave looser need to put all scat direct into her mouth.
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